Can't have it all

"A picture is a poem without words." - Horace

It’s been three years since i found the person who completes me. I never felt so happy, never felt so much love for someone as i feel for you. I pray our love lasts forever and never fades. May we grow old together and live happily ever after. I love you!



Coffee always makes things better 💕

Coffee always makes things better 💕

Say hello to my cow 🐮

Say hello to my cow 🐮

I woke up after exactly 20 min of sleep feeling like i’m carrying the weight of the whole world on my chest. Can’t remember if i dreamed about something that caused this, can’t shake the feeling away. I’m trying to fight the tears back but i know, they will win this battle.





Husky dog performs her overly dramatic death trick.

I’ve wasted fifteen minutes of my life watching this 8 second long video. 


this is the reason why i want a husky help me god

Huskies can be so dramatic lol

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